Poland figures as one of the most attractive countries in Europe in terms of FDI, it is the most wanted destination for the foreign investors in central Europe. The assets of Poland are : its strategic position, its important population, membership in European Union, economic stability, low costs of qualified workforce as well as its attractive taxation for enterprises. Furthermore, Poland has the special economic zones which are growing dynamically. The combination of all these factors makes a perfect climate for industrial export-oriented development. In less than ten years, the value of these exports has doubled. This can be partly explained by the suppression of custom duties and other barriers in exchanges with the rest of European Union but also by the inflow of foreign capitals that has strongly contributed to modernization of Polish industry. The global volume of polish export went along with a change of its structure over the years. One of the most successful group of products in external market nowadays is in particular electronic equipment. When Poland joined the EU, many of the global producers such as Dell, Lenovo, LG, Sharp, Toshiba or Taiwanese giant in electronics Foxconn (subcontractor of Apple, Dell…) opened their factories there. Moreover, Poland has become the principal producer of flat screens in Europe.

The polish economic success, which export is still rising, is also based on its currency, which is not going to change from zloty to euro in the nearest future, as the polish authorities state. The flexibility of zloty helped polish economy to absorb external shocks in periods of global economic downturns and indeed, it has a tendency to depreciate next to euro and American dollar. In consequence, polish export becomes less expensive and more competitive



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